Enjoy The Different Atmosphere And Great Restaurants Out In El Paso, West Texas

The Different Atmosphere

We have explored many Texas restaurants in other articles, and now we are going to hit some more. There are some great places to visit, and the city I stopped in last time around in an article about Texas was El Paso. We didn’t explore any restaurants there, as I was just trying to give a general tour of Texas and some of the cities to visit. This time around, we are going to get a good look at El Paso and some of the best restaurants you can find there.

According to a top travel site, there are 1,539 restaurants there, and Zino’s Greek Restaurant is currently #1. It is located on North Mesa Street, and you know you are going to find Greek salads, gyros and all kinds of good eats there. Would you like to enjoy a lamb burger as well? That lamb burger sounds delicious, but I would prefer a lamb gyro and a Greek salad.

Now let’s hop on over to the #2 restaurant in El Paso, and that is currently L & J Cafe. It is found on East Missouri Avenue, and it serves up enchiladas, sopapillas and much more. They say you can find celebrities dining at this establishment sometimes. That is interesting for sure, although the main draw would have to be that delicious Mexican cuisine.

State Line Restaurant is currently ranked #4. Let’s go take a look at that one next. We skipped #3 for now, but we can’t visit them all. State Line Restaurant is located on Sunland Park Drive, and it is beef ribs, peach cobbler, and need I say more? That sounds like a delicious meal for sure, and I am thinking this restaurant might have to be my first stop. However, that is not my final decision, as we have one more place to visit virtually.

It is Crave Kitchen and Bar, and you are talking about chicken and waffles, macaroni and cheese, burgers and much more. I imagine that Crave Kitchen and Bar has some great desserts, too, but okay, at best it is my second stop. I would still go with State Line Restaurant, what about you? You should have a great time visiting El Paso and all the great places to eat there. You might find some great places that are hidden gems as well. It is a different type of atmosphere out there in west Texas.